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A brand audit is directly lead that how strong the company is and what are the factors they are using. This report will be auditing the KFC brand of YUM Company which is having more brands as well globally (i.e. pizza hut, taco bell, wing street). It has owned 22,621 outlets globally in 150 countries as per the survey of 2019. With the primary focus being on fried chicken, the business also offers chicken bits, wraps, salads, and sandwiches. This assignment will be covering external and internal facts within the KFC brand. Moving up, SWOT, key challenges, suggestions, and a one-page brand plan will be followed.

External Fact

Analyzing Macro Trend

In macro trend, there are a number of factors that need to be analyzed which could affect on decision-making policy of the company. To define each fact of macro the PESTEL is the best tool.

Political & Legal: The association of unhealthy food laden with a high-calorie diet is one of the main political forces that inspired and formed the fast-food franchise. Different countries are having different political agendas for the food and beverage sector, and KFC has been facing challenges to cover those completely. 

Economic Values: many of the outlets of KFC around the globe are getting failed to gain desirable profit. The unhealthy diet likewise most of the fried chicken carried high percentage of calories due to that use avoid to use in numbers of amounts. They do have a budget menu due that many of the places of the KFC have been supporting the firm by gaining economic value. (Umar Farooq, 2019)

Social Values: KFC does have issues within the social values and problems. Paying the lessened wages to the employees is one the biggest issue that is hitting the KFC image drastically.

Technical values: They are using many of technology do changes to remain updated with changing trends of demands of the customers. For example, they do have a carry option people can order before arriving at the place and take away food that saves time of staying in the ques.

Environmental values: Being a giant with over 22,000 outlets in the fast-food restaurant industry, it is no wonder that KFC is a significant contributor to the climate.

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Competitors of KFC

KFC is one of the fast-food chains which is having a list of global competitors. McDonald’s is of the top-numbered competitors for the KFC. McDonald’s offers a certain standard of food and sales of each section is commendable on the international level whereas KFC focuses on only the chicken items. It offers a variety of food items, including, among others, tacos, burgers, and drinks, and baked goods.

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Internal Factor

KFC brand Elements

In almost every region, KFC is recognized in every office, home, and food event. The “finger lickin good” tagline is really popular and with their taste, they really proved it. This tagline introduces the emotional condition and connects KFC to creating deeper customer relationships.

KFC Strategy

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Brand Tactics

The marketing mix is the tool where the list of arguments is used for the business for example, (product, price, promotion, and place). How does it affect and work for the KFC –

Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People, Process, and Physical  Evidence

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KFC Financial Statement

The above financial statement shows the financial condition of different years 2017, 2018, and 2019. The net income of the KFC is decreased year by year and so the management should find the reason behind this reduction.

SWOT Analysis


  • Quick Delivery
  • World wide existence
  • Advance promotional strategies


  • Climate impact on the product list
  • political challenges in various countries
  • High Price of the products


  • Lack of Vegetarian food at the outlet can be an opportunity of adding stuff to the menu
  • Outsourcing Home delivery options


  • Expensiveness of products
  • Unhealthy Food
  • The exchange rate fluctuates the price

Key Challenges

There are lots of cases when people complaints about the cleanliness of the restaurants of KFC. For example, In February 2007, a KFC/Taco Bell source in New York City was discovered to be rodent swarmed. A video demonstrating the rodents going crazy inside the eatery appeared on TV news notices far and wide, just as spread on the web through destinations, like, YouTube. ( (2010)). The quality of the ingredients are also one of the problems which they faced. A provider was closed down after a news report indicated assembly line laborers utilizing terminated meat. Thus it also affected the sales of the KFC and the KFC also lost its customers.


KFC should make some special rules for the employees which take care of the cleanliness of the restaurants as well as a kitchen. The quality of the products such as meat should be higher or according to the preference of the customers. Additionally, the quality is also upper than its competitors, so that customers feel good by getting the service of the KFC. 

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KFC’s one-page brand

Low-calorie products or food should be offered and vegetarian food also cooks for the customers which help to increase customers. The main problem the employees face while working in it is lower wages and if any company want to have skilled employees so they need to give proper salary according to their profile. Animals are also part of the living beings, however, KFC killed them for fulfilling the customers’ demand for chicken.

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