Canada Medical Examination and some additional tests required

The medical examination requires for immigration in other countries like Canada is valid for only one year. For this, the candidate has the option to choose the medical examination center with the city. A medical examination is necessary to declare that the candidate is fit and ready to fly to other nations. Without medical nobody can allow visiting other countries like Canada. 

The candidate can choose the center according to the preference and book the medical appointment. Now due to Covid-19, the timing of the medical is automated selected with taking care about the social distancing. The candidate makes ensure about the photocopies of the documents before arrival at the medical center. The documents include photocopies of passport front and back, letter of acceptance for a student visa (but other visas require other documents), photographs, and the latest medical report if the candidate has any problem or disease. However, a contact lens is most important to carry with them if the candidate has an eyesight problem. 

The tests which are assessed for the medical such as X-Ray, urine test, blood test, eye test and then all these are assessed by the doctor panel. The candidate should tell the medical history to the doctor panel if the candidate has any problem. The doctor can ask the candidate to get more tests. In this case, the candidate has to give tests as per the doctor’s recommendation. This mostly happens during the medical test. 

Note: If there is no notification or email about the medical then the medical is cleared. 

If any candidate received any email in which mention additional tests because they have some doubts after assessing the X-Ray report. 

What is that email and what we can do now?

Which is that test and how much time does the test take?

The candidate should contact the medical center’s staff and give the test as they ask the candidate. The candidate should be stress-free because it is only a simple test. The doctors have doubts about some serious problems like tuberculosis. But it is not important that the candidate has such kind of problem. The result of this test usually takes 60 days after giving the three samples of sputum. Due to this, the result may be declared after the applied intake then the candidate should apply for the next intake. 

The candidate needs to contact the doctor after the result of the test and get the view of the doctor for the test. Mostly the medical tests are cleared. 

Note: If the medical is uncleared then the candidate receives an email according to the situation. 

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