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Importance of Documentation

Collecting or obtaining documents for your immigration file is a crucial aspect of your immigration preparation. The immigration department of every advanced nation is highly sensitive and strict about the completeness and validity of the immigration documents. Incomplete, inappropriate or counterfeit, documents become the reason for most of the visa denials across the world. This is the reason that we at Delhi Immigration pay utmost attention to this aspect of immigration procedure.

Based on the case study and analysis, your immigration file is prepared for a particular immigration program or visa category in a country. And to prepare the immigration file, you require all the supporting documents.

The immigration experts and client service managers at The Student Helpdesk make certain that your immigration file has all the required documents. If any of such documents are missing, we confirm the pathway to obtain the same and also assist you in the process, wherever possible.

Required documents for immigration are as follows:

Documents Validating Your Language Proficiency

If you are moving to a new country, you need to be proficient in its official language to live, work and integrate into that particular country. English is the official language in most advanced nations of the world. Hence, you need to have the documents verifying your proficiency level in the English language. IELTS (International English Language Testing System).

Education History

The country to which you want to move; needs to verify the educational documents of the overseas immigration applicants. Hence, if you are applying for PR visa, etc. to an overseas country, you need to get your documents verified/translated (if required) so that the same can be accepted by the immigration authorities. For example, Canada wants the applicants to provide ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) of their documents.

Personal Document

You need to provide all the documents verifying your personal identity and demographic information, i.e. age, marital status, partner status, etc. Some of these key documents are, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, divorce papers (if applicable), documents proving the relationship with children/common-law partner, passport, photographs, etc.

Medical Certificate

Most advanced countries want your medical certificate (not more than one-year-old) to assess your medical health condition. This is basically to ensure you are not suffering from any inflectional disease, etc. However, a medical certificate is one thing you should not prepare well in advance, but only when it is being asked, simply because, it has a validity period.

Police Clearance Certification

The Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is another key document needed by the country to which you are immigrating. This is basically a character certificate, which signifies that you have not been involved in any criminal activity, etc.

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