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This is a key aspect and initial step of kick start your immigration process at The Student Helpdesk, when you call, email, or visit our office for the very first time. Key factors on which the success of your visa application depends are Age, Education, Work Experience, English language proficiency, etc. Your case manager at The Student Helpdesk jot down all your profile details and deeply analyses the appropriateness of your profile for the right immigration program. Assessment of your profile to select the right Immigration Program  Once all the details are gathered regarding your profile, it’s time to evaluate the point score. Key advanced nations, such as Canada and Australia follow a point-based immigration system that selects the applicants based on their total point score obtained for age, education, experience, etc. parameters.

However, If you are connecting with us for Thesis, dissertation, or any other academic purpose it is indeed important to discuss your given case project. Our appointed academic expert will help you to analyze factors and assist you rightly.


What are the key aspects on which visa application success relied?

  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Language Proficiency
  • Spouse credentials
  • Other Factors

All these factors have utmost importance if you are applying for overseas immigration. Hence, at The Student Helpdesk, our expert professionals check your total point score to select the right immigration program for you to apply. The selection of the right immigration program matters a lot, as choosing the most relevant immigration program based on your profile enhances your chances of succeeding. Discussing the profile and probabilities of selection We follow a transparent process and keep the client in the loop of every step being taken by us. It’s important to discuss the possibilities or probabilities of your success for all the leading immigration programs. We discuss all the visa programs and also provide you key suggestions about selecting the right one, i.e. the one, in which your chances of success are reasonably high.

Elimination of bottlenecks is vital in order to make certain that your prepared immigration file is a winning one. There can be certain things that can hinder your application process or smooth selection of your profile in the immigration process of your desired country. Hence, you need to eliminate such issues in your profile to make your profile a winning one. The issues which need to address can be:

  • Provide detailed information including past and current
  •  There are some documents that are either missing or need improvement. Our immigration expert thoroughly assesses your profile to find out any such shortcomings and inform you well in advance, to get the same rectified or updated at the earliest.

If you are looking for immigration, academic assistance, it is the right time to call or email your query to The Student Helpdesk to convert your goal into reality. For assessment of your profile, call our immigration expert +91 98886-14227 or email your query at

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