How to write a perfect Statement of Purpose for a Canada Student Visa? 

Everyone tries writing winning SOP, but few people succeed. There is a certain number of aspects that need to explain in a document in order to lodge and get a Canada Student Visa?

What is a Statement of Purpose? 

This is an essential document in the case of Canada Visa (Student Visa, Permanent Residence, Visitor, or for another term of visa). In general, Canada does not prefer to have interview sessions it happens when your Statement of Purpose does not shed light on certain questions what are those? are enclosed as follows: 

  • Educational Background
    • This is to demonstrate your past academic achievements. If there are outstanding achievements during academic likewise scholarship or any other award you earned mention it in a separate section or paragraph, followed by education. Hence, it is also great if you add your subjects where are strengths in your past academic.
      • Note: It is commendable to add the most recent information of your qualification instead of your whole academic background to save time for an immigration officer.
  • Professional Experience or Gap (If any)
    • This section stands to write your work experience if there it is. Even if there is any gap after your last qualification there is a need to cover in the right form with true information in separate paragraphs after your educational background. Hence, it will be great to add your experience and learning in this section which might be interlinked to your course selection. 
  • Why did you choose Canada? 
    • This is to explain why did you choose Canada over other countries and your home country. Reasons for choosing Canada to study must be genuine, true intentions of studying only.
  • Why did you choose university or College? 
    •  In prior, It is vital to add information on – Why did you choose this province, city for that needs to represent your search on different benefits of staying city or province likewise low living expenses than other provinces.
    • Further, it will be greatly entertained if there will be evidence on the same likewise search on different colleges & universities fee structure, facilities, learning style, etc.
  • Why did you choose this course?
    • Before choosing a program keep your eyes that the course should be lead your career progression likewise if you have done a Bachelor program already in your home country your next academics should be under the Post-graduate certificate course or Masters’s level. 
    • Define your inclination on chosen course. It is vital to explain the course objective and what is your plan to gain throughout the program.
    • Significantly, add your core intention in the field. 
    • Explain course subjects applicable to your experience and academic
  • Career Goals – Long-term and short term 
    • In this section, you must add your inclination that you will be in your home country after learning key proficiency throughout the program in order to groom a career. In various cases, it has been seen the visa office marked that “You will not leave Canada after completing your program” and reject the student visa application. It is because the inclinations and intentions of the student are not clear as enclosed earlier. 
    • What is your plan after coming to your home country?

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