How to develop referencing assignments?

This is an assessment to referencing assignment by taking an example of the hospitality industry.  This page will be helping to learn how to build a college/university report in order to grade well in a specific module likewise Foundation.


In this module, learning on referencing and citation were key elements that work effectively to support written arguments followed by Harvard referencing or other styles. This assessment, this assessment will demonstrate learned skills and expertise of referencing and citation by using tourism and hospitality topic examples of Singapore. In this assessment, research work may take different articles and views of different authors within the tourism and hospitality sector of Singapore likewise Hospitality of Singapore, Literature to supporting arguments, and impact of a pandemic on Hospitality. Each element will be working through the author’s views and end references.

Hospitality Industry of Singapore

The hospitality trade in Singapore has long been performing greatly and increasing economy for many years. According to the Survey of Singapore Hotel Industry (2008), the hotel industry of Singapore increased RevPAR by 30% from $170 to $222 between 2005-2006. Hence, it had been noticed the hotel properties increased by more than 8% in the year 2008 (4Hoteliers, 2009).

Though the growth of the hospitality industry of Singapore has been increasing since the last decade, it had been noticed that students avoid joining the Hospitality trade upon graduation, according to Blomme, Van Rheede & Tromp (2009).

Lit review of hospitality and Tourism employment

The tourism industry does have the largest scope in today’s time which keeps certain sectors under its hip likewise food and beverage, hotels, conference, and conventions. In order to have an in-depth understanding of the Hospitality industry jobs should be seen from the individual prospects or points rather than from the industry perspective, Airey & Frontistis (1997) said.

Characteristic of employment in Tourism and Hospitality industry

As earlier mentioned, Hospitality and industry carry certain sectors like hotels, tour operators, F & B companies, transportation so on. As per the viewpoint of the World Travel and Tourism Council (2010), global tourism employment is expected to increase by 12.3 % jobs in the year 2010, which is around 8.1% of world occupation (, 2006). These occupations are included of direct and indirect employment within the industry.

In order to attain the desired goal of the World Travel & Tourism Council Goal of carrying 9.2% of employment in 2020, the Singapore government put great effort to encourage huge attraction for individuals to join the industry through its website and tradeshows.

Impact of Pandemic on Tourism and Hospitality

At the end of 2019, a Worldwide pandemic had hit the global economy as health threats took place. Singapore tours and traveling, aviation and hospitality industry had been dropped by 25% to 30% in global visiting arrivals (Srithar, 2020). It seems, could hit the desired goal of the World Travel and Tourism Council of increment in global employment.


Complementing this assessment was challenging without the learning and guidance of the tutor as requires a certain standard of supporting content as given on each written work in the form of In-text-citation and Harvard Referencing style of End reference. It appears significant to shows from where the data is being collected and studied within the Tourism and hospitality industry of Singapore. Hence, learning through the module was interlinked to referencing and different documents likewise E-books, internet sources, websites accessed to apply learning on the given topic for this assessment.

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