Writing Task 1 – Academic IELTS


The IELTS writing task 1 is to analyze the given standard of Graphs or Charts in 150 words. It is a bit challenging for those candidates who are not enough experienced in observing the provided picture. The candidates are required to grab certain expertise to hold the key elements from given Graphs or Charts. The pattern that needs to be used  by the candidate for completing task 1 is as follows: 


Line graph/map/bar/pie chart/table


  1. Summarize (Introduction): Rewrite the description in your own words to say the exact same thing.
  2. Trend (Overall): Describe the main Trend without mentioning percentages or numbers but years you can.
  3. Analyze the Chart/Graph (Body paragraph-1): Write the main features of the Chart/Diagram/Graph step by step.
  4. Comparison (Body paragraph-2):  Compare the trend of Chart/Graph

How to approach actually to one of the graphs or charts, the road map is enclosed hereby: 


The pie charts below show the comparison of different kinds of energy production in France in two years. Write at least 150 Words.

Introduction: The given pie charts are revealing the different sources which were in use for the years 1995 & 2005 in France. However, a line graph is there to define the different trends over the two years under similar terms.


Trend: Overall, France was noticed to use the ……. Resources in extant percentage/amount/ in 1995, which had been arrived sharply to……the peak point/at the summit. The enclosed two figures demonstrate the different energy resources in percentage for two different years like 1995 and 2005 in France.  Overall, one of the energy resources was in used within the average proportion namely petrol in the year 1995 whereas there was drastic or downward trend clicked for 2005 for the same resource. As the picture depicts the information regarding energy production for two different years likewise 1995 and 2005 for France.

Body: This is to provide general information on the given graph i.e., In the year 1995, the Gas percentage was in the higher position at 29.63%, however, Coal and Petro were found with 29.80% and 29.27%, respectively.

Body 2 (Contrast): This is to compare two elements from two different years if provided illustrations are the same in numbers. In our example, we have found that there were two pie charts that hold the two different years’ information for the same elements. The percentage of the Gas for 1995 and 2005, were appeared to have a tiny difference of nearly 1%. 

In the case of the writing task, 1 of Academic, there is no need to write a conclusion except for one term of the writing task (Map). 

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