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How are words counted – Questions and Answers


In IELTS writing and listening, the answers below show how these words and numbers are counted. The reading exam follows the same format as the listening exam.

  1. A person with light-weighted things
    • This is treated as a single word. It’s a compound noun, but it’s joined together with a hyphen to form a single word.

2. 60%

    • In writing, this is counted as one word, and in hearing, it is counted as one number.
  1. July 21st
    • In writing, this is considered as two words, whereas in listening, it is considered as one number and one word.
      This is regarded as a single word. The words are condensed to produce one word, despite the fact that they have a two-word meaning.
  2. blackboard
    This is only considered one letter.
  3. 9 AM 
    • This is counted for one word in the listening.
Listening Test Information – Click here.

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