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IELTS Writing Task 1: Urban & Rural Population Trends


This blog is to provide information and knowledge to the candidates who are looking forward to attempting the Academic IELTS exam in 2022. Even though the pattern is almost similar to the past standard, the utilized vocabulary in the task is updated for the reference of the candidates. 


The line chart demonstrates the information on the population trends on the international level in percentage from 1950-2040. 



You are supposed to write 150 words for this Task.

You are supposed to spend only 20 mins on this task.


Summarizing information from given line charts to understand key aspects of IELTS writing Task 1. 



The given line charts provide detailed information on ongoing trends in regards to location (Rural and Urban) and age globally from 1950 to 2040. Overall, From a broad view, it is clear that urban populations have accounted for the majority of development and will likely do so. In terms of age trends, people aged 15 to 65 are by far the majority population, and this trend is expected to continue.

In the year 1950 urban zones had noticed with 6%, whereas Rural statistics just popped up at 1%. Over the period of years, urban numbers of the population appeared to rise by approximately 5% each decade until the current time. Also, this trend would have been rising and stay under the 40% by 2040. In contrast, the rural population was going with a steady growth of some percentage and was anticipated to arrive at 6% in 2040. Hence, the total line in the graph is roughly insignificant urban ratios but are 5-10% higher throughout.

Secondly, age distribution reveals obviously that the age group 15-65 were marked up on 6% in 1950, and supposed to soar 5% every year. It will be closed at 35% sharply as the trend line touch the same pinnacle by the end of the period. Trends for under 15 and over 65  displayed broadly with a similar percentage trend around the 5% from start to end of the period.  

————————————————- Analysis ————————————————-


  • Paraphrase key aspects of the statement in your own words to indicate your understanding of the Topic
  • Requires to write a clear overview by differentiating each element of the topic
  • The following phrase might help you in practice just to write an overview for line graph standard set:
    1. Turning up to residency trend in 1950, started from 6%, however, age line graph begins solely with 1% for the rural population. 


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