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Should people be allowed to have cosmetic surgery before the age of 18? Advantages & disadvatnages?


The ongoing trend of surgery has been taking a crucial place in teenager’s life. The age is a matter or not during surgery is the question of the day, this essay will write the advantage as remain young and designing their body as a role model, however, the cons of facing serious challenges at the early stage and very expensive methods.

 In the beginning, there are enormous reasons why the inclination of teenagers toward surgery. Firstly, the teenagers are getting indulge to set up their self-esteem in the society as a well known, for making it possible, they opt for surgery method to polish their appearance to boom their status. For example, the prominent personality in New York, Diana Daniel who has recently gone through nose surgery to take the attention of people around the world by making herself attentive. Furthermore, some are there who want to look like their role model so they go for this activity, therefore, they can gain more confidence. For instance, Catlin famous artist of America, who used to have low esteem because of her body, was reported to gain confidence after her breast surgery.

Contradictory, having cosmetic surgery under the age of 18 is dreadful drawbacks. On top, it can surge the risk of life due to the side effects of surgery. The reason is that the body of the teenager is not enough matured to take this risk. For Instance, if we go through the case of Nose surgery it can become the reason for serious diseases such as anesthesia. Secondly, teenagers can addict and start to give attention to making their appearance great as a comparison to staying fit physically. In addition, they might not set their eyes on fitness but try as hard as possible to look differently.

In conclusion, the surgery in an early stage of life has both pros and cons. probably, it can make you attentive and look wise but simultaneously it can put the person in a catastrophic state if the operation gets failed.


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