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A great decline has been noticed in quality air and water from both industry and construction. What measures could be taken to prevent this?

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Air and water quality has been deteriorating in many developing countries due to the immense growth of factories and construction sites. Investments in clean energy and more stringent government inspections of manufacturing and building sectors are two viable strategies for mitigating this problem.

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To commence with, the government should provide some sort of incentive to a manufacturing or construction site that invests in sustainable energy. For instance, if the government relaxes the taxation on using solar panels for industries, then there will be great savings in quality. In a similar vein, construction sites that recycle their water should be rewarded in some way. They are not only avoiding damaging the water system, but they are also giving an essential resource a new purpose.


In addition, there is a need to inspect the sewer and chimney of the manufacturing or production area by the government and look forward to irregularities. Since it is not ordinary for factories to break environmental regulations in order to save money. For example, industries may choose not to invest in an air filter for their chimney in order to maximize earnings. Moreover, appropriate water and air treatment are difficult and time-consuming. As a result, it will be much easier for construction sites to dump poisonous water into the city’s sewer system.


Concluding, the government should indulge in suggested maneuvers to alleviate air and water contamination which has been spread out by production and manufacturing ends. These efforts of the regime are not only limited to stimulate factory plants and manufacturing sites on using clean resources but are also required to do appropriate inspections at locations to discover irregularities.



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