IELTS Writing Task 2 - Living in big cities

IELTS Writing module is challenging for many candidates for various reasons. Our professional content writers are here to provide you with language that is applicable to 6.5 bands to 8.5. In this paper, we are going to provide a sample answer – Living in big cities has bad influences on people’s health.


Some people think living in big cities is bad for people’s health. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Living in metro cities is on-trend, and many believe; it has deleterious to human health. An essay to explore the root causes of inferior health as respiratory problems, sleeplessness, and overpolluted while living in developed cities in the following paragraphs.

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Initially, the community gets educated and moved to metro cities due to the immense growth of industries, which have been noticed. It shall be causing them severe respiratory challenges i.e., lung cancers since the industries are surrounded in numbers. For example, Kuwait City, in addition to being the world’s leading oil producer, created an unexpectedly significant amount of air pollution waste. People were exposed to the detrimental effects of breathed air, including the risk of getting serious lung cancer in the future. Thus, it is a kind of pollution form that predominantly influence the health of human. 

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Secondly, various production firms are causing nuisance pollution. Moreover, towns are getting crowded as communities shifted with their own commute standards i.e., bikes, and cars, these are also having a direct influence on the environment, and get hard to sleep. Workers working a 12-hour shift, for example, maybe angry and distracted at work due to a lack of adequate sleep each night. As time passes, they will experience sleeplessness, which could lead to anemia. Hence, a reduction in sleeping hours due to a disturbed environment can cause serious health challenges.

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Finally, living in an overcrowded metro is an easy way for viruses and bacteria to spread, and individuals will become ill as a result of not keeping correct distances from one another because it is so congested. Apart from being a third-world country, Bangladesh’s cities are packed because residents seek greener pastures in the city’s center. In consequence, in urbanized areas community death rate was higher in the case of pandemics. 

Conclusively, massive industries, loud car noises, and traffic congestion caused by overpopulation will have a significant influence on well-being and optimal health status once they live in large urban regions.

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