IELTS Writing Task 2 - Technology

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Technology is on the extreme. Discuss any negative and positive impacts of it? Give your opinion.


Technology has been ripening up which is playing an essential role in everyone’s life to accomplish a specific job swiftly.  This essay will examine the unfavorable impacts and my perspective in the following paragraphs.

To commence with/to embark on or initially, technology is emerging up to degrees and it gives us a lot such as electrical gadgets, the automobile is the major invention by inventors which has become the strongest key to resolve any query in hours or day, rely (depend) on the type of task. For instance, the mobile phone which was used for the calling purpose only in the past scenarios but ongoing decade it has become a pocket pc. The man can do what he/she wants on the spot. Further, it has also become more convenient to contact anyone as a form of face-to-face conversation. Apart from calling, it is the easiest way to share any document not only by using the internet without the internet too i.e., while Bluetooth also allows the community to relay things one to another device. It holds the operations of sharing data and saving time for deriving business smoothly as well as common life aspects.

Certain ill influences, on the other side, are holding physical and mental causes to the community.  As the quotes say “excess of everything is bad”. Take the Youngsters as an example, nowadays, 70% of the community has been addicted to using mobile phones. Using mobile for leisure or other activities i.e., staying connected with loved ones, restrict them to being on the chair instead hit exercise for fitness. They just sit on a chair and take benefit of mobile and internet inventions to entertain themselves and refrain from doing exercise. As a consequence of it, sometimes the masses have to face some serious issues. 

To Sum up, I can say that advancement in technology is a great way to use the time effectively and efficiently to conclude the work simultaneously, other adverse consequences can no way be disregarded.


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