IELTS consists of four modules and listening is one of the easiest of all of them. This page provides you the basic information on the listening tests of IELTS.  

Listening Test Information

There is only a standard set of listening tests for all candidates. There is no difference in listening test scoring when compared to categories – Academic and General. 

IELTS listening test information is following:

  • A recording will last for 30 mins, and the candidate needs to attempt 40 questions.
  • The test consists of four sections and the recording continued with a specific time loop as per section.
  • Candidates should listen to track rigorously and attempt to answer the question sheet. The candidate will get extra 10 mins to transfer answers on the sheet.
  • however, if the test is computer-based, there will not be any extra time to transfer answers.
  • Need to read the instruction carefully and attempt the word as per the limit, for example, write no more than two words and/or numbers. 
  • If there will be errors in spelling, then it will be marked wrong.
  • To see the listening scores – IELTS Score Chart

In order to get a collection of tips for IELTS listening tests

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