Tips to write an academic essay 

Every student has some questions regarding the academic essay such as:

  • How to write the essay?
  • How to consider each and every aspect of the given topic?
  • What are the important things of the essay?

This session provides answers to these questions and helps to write the proper academic essay in an effective and easy manner. 

Some tips for writing an academic essay are below:

  • Analysis of the topic – There is required to understand the topic of the essay and analysis each and every aspect of the topic. Then build an understanding of the topic and also require to write the whole essay on the given topic, otherwise, the essay is not appropriate. 
  • Research for the essay – For writing an academic essay, it is important to do research on the given topic and search from both primary and secondary sources. but it is kept in mind that the whole essay is written on its own although searching the topic from different sources. Always use the keywords of the formal language rather than informal because the essay is academic. 
  • Make proper structure – Structure of the academic essay is very important so when writing an essay there is needed to take care of the structure of the essay which helps to understand the essay easily. For this, there is required to build the structure of the essay before starting writing which means preparation is required before beginning the writing. 
  • Grammar and sentence formation – For the academic essay, grammar and sentence formation is very important, so the students need to analyze the grammar errors side by side.

Writing criteria of academic essays

  • Introduction – The introduction of an essay is quite necessary because in this mention the brief information about the essay which helpful for the readers to analyze the topic of the essay and about which things the writer mention in the further essay.  However, there is required to always remember that the introduction should not be too long if it is long then the readers do not understand the brief information about the essay easily. 
  • Body paragraphs – In body paragraphs explain the topic of the essay in detail and considers all the areas of the given topic as per the demand of the essay. All the outcomes should be explained in body paragraphs. The number of body paragraphs is not fixed, these are varied and according to the essay. 
  • Conclusion – At the end of the essay, the conclusion is mentioned which is a sum up of the whole essay and gives the information about the whole essay which was mentioned in body paragraphs. In conclusion, readers understand the sum-up of the whole essay just in few lines. 

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