IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 - #Sample Answer 1

This blog is to provide information and knowledge to the candidates who are looking forward to attempting the Academic IELTS exam in 2022. Even though the pattern is almost similar to the past standard, the utilized vocabulary in the task is updated for the reference of the candidates. 


The diagram below shows the environmental issues raised by a product over its lifecycle.



You are supposed to write 150 words for this Task.


You are supposed to spend only 20 mins on this task.





The diagram renders the information about how the environment is getting polluted. In the given picture, it has been seen obviously that the seven steps of production to shipping an item influence the environment greatly.


Post observation on illustration, the planning and design are accomplished at the beginning level based on the requirement of the item. Secondly, the consumption of material and energy resources are started to put the materials into action which leads to the production. It is shown explicitly in the diagram those three steps have been impacted negatively the environment.


Afterward, the products are packed, distributed, and offered in retail outlets. The products are unquestionably employed by customers who either dispose of the product or recycle it. Disposal of products seriously harms the environment. However, recycling the product reduces negative impacts on the ecosystem. Moreover, customers provide feedback in order to improve the product planning.


Hence, feedback has been collected to aid the designers in their future plans.

Highlights of Written Task

Limitation & recommendation: In the written task, the candidate used the minimum standard set of vocabulary, where it was suitable to use. It is recommended to the candidate observe more ideas on writing the Map. The information was enclosed clearly for the reference of the student’s understanding.  Highlighted keywords in between the written task are well structured and can be used in various writing tasks 1; specifically in the processing map. 


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